Who I am

I am an entrepreneur, a businessman, and a project manager; I love design thinking and new ideas; and I have vision —

You must first think big,
then figure out how to start small.

But many new entrepreneurs don't understand how to start small, so that's why I created LX Labs, an idea development and project management company, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality.

I have experience designing services, and physical and digital products for individuals and businesses. I think of everything as an art: from creating beautiful user interfaces or making a great PB&J, to structuring projects and spreadsheets, personal artistic expression breathes life into everything we do. I think abstractly, so I studied communication, and became an expert complex-idea-simplifier. I can communicate ideas technically when specificity and clarity are key and I can put ideas into more simple terms need be. I speak with numbers, visual examples, illustrations, and interaction prototypes... and I'm a detail freak.

I'm a do-it-yourselfer because I love to learn new things and communicating well requires a fundamental knowledge of the topics of discussion.


Stuff I do

  • Project Management

  • UI/UX Design

  • Website Implementation

  • Idea Development

During the discovery and design phases, I work primarily with Illustrator, Sketch, Invision, and good ol' pen and paper to take ideas and begin making them real. I also bootstrap Photoshop, Premiere, and Flash to get other content created quickly. That all sounds good, but my real skills come into play during the development phase — when it has to be built. Taking what we've learned, I search and find the experts we need to bring the idea to its end state; we select the best fit, then I go to work.


The thing about ideas

Often, ideas begin as fleeting scenes in your head. That's it — just a series of simple, little 2D scenes comprising the idea, out in the world, in all its glory, in its best form, helping people in the ways it logically should because, of course, working flawlessly and enriching peoples' lives with no problems, and you're filthy rich because of it. But then your thoughts swerve towards Getting-It-Made road. You think: "Could it do this? Could it do that? Can it look like this? Can we include that? Who wouldn't want this?! I have to do this." So you consider where you should begin and how to start developing the idea into something real.

That's where I come in — by leveraging my experience with leading creative projects, working with freelance experts, and delivering finished products, you can make your vision a reality.

Let's make something great.


Recent Work

Mobile App Development | A Music Visualizer App

I developed this app as a personal project to deliver on an idea I had early in college. I worked with graphic designers to create the branding and produce representations of the functionalities as well as a freelance Unity developer who wrote the code for V1 and implemented the website from which visitors can apply to become alpha testers.

Software Product Development

iOS Music Library Access

A derivative standalone scripting/integration asset for Unity that enables end users to access and play music from their device's music library.

Packaging Redesign

Mother's Farms Tortilla Chips

I lead the initiative to reimagine the packaging for Mother's Farms brand tortilla chip products. Through working with a graphic designer and an illustrator, not only did the packaging get a 10x aesthetic upgrade, but the brand took on a newfound fresh, modern persona.

Want to see more? Check out my resume on LinkedIn